Simple Succulents

Sometimes the simplest everyday objects such as plants can make the perfect home decor or even a party favor.Today, I will guide you through an affordable and easy way to transform ordinary succulent plants into fun, gift-able objects.

There are three basic materials you will need:

– A mini cactus or cacti (I bought mine at Home Depot and it costs no more than $2-$3 a piece)
– Mini clay pot[s] (Bought them at Home Depot as well and costs anywhere from 25 cents and up, depending on what size)
– Ribbon (You can get any size, color, design, or shape you’d like and can find them at any crafts store)


Once you have all the materials, it takes no less than a couple minutes to put everything together!

1. Carefully put the mini cactus/cacti in the clay pot[s]

2. Depending on how little your pot is, cut out anywhere from 6-12inch piece[s] of ribbon

3. Finally, around the middle portion of the pot, wrap the ribbon around and tie a bow (you may want to place some double-stick tape in between the pot and ribbon to secure the ribbon in place)

4. Optional: Fold the ends of the ribbon and cut out a triangle so that the tips are cut out as seen below!


That’s it! Now you have yourself some cute succulent plants, which are extremely easy to take care of, that you may place around your home or give as gifts. I have also seen other blogs where these cute little plants have been given as wedding favors (for any of you soon-to-be brides preparing for the big day!).

First blog post and more to come!



4 thoughts on “Simple Succulents

  1. Great use of photographs. Do you want to say more about why succulents make particularly good gifts for those without a green thumb?

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