heart-shaped punch-outs!

Paint samples are usually used to determine what color to paint your walls. However, today we are going to take paint samples to another level. We will be punching out heart-shaped paint samples to use as cute wall decors and scrap-booking must-haves!

These are only two materials you will need:
– Paint samples (you can get them at any paint store – Lowe’s or Behrs)
– A heart-shaped hole punch (which can be found at most craft stores – Michael’s or Joann’s)

Since the heart-shaped hole punch is doing most of the work for you, this will be a quick and effortless project.

1. Select the colors that you would like your hearts to be (you can do all one color or rainbow)

2. Then use your heart-shaped hole punch to punch out as many hearts as you would like

3. Now you can use them as wall decor, envelope sealers, scrap-booking details, etc.

I’ve taken a few pictures of how these hearts have given our apartment a hearty atmosphere. Below is a picture of Priscilla’s headboard decorations.


Here I’ve used it to hold up some calendars on my desk!


This is a very simple yet decorative way to give your room, car, and any other stationaries a cute little twist! I must say, investing in these uniquely shaped hole punchers is worthwhile. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be very useful if you enjoy scrap-booking and making cards! You can also use other decorated and patterned card stock instead of paint samples.

Today’s project was shown to me and inspired by one of my housemates Priscilla! Therefore, all the kudos and credits go to her for this one 🙂 Thanks Priss!


3 thoughts on “heart-shaped punch-outs!

  1. I like that you are giving ideas for home decorating with hole punches and showing readers new uses for a tool commonly associated with scrapbooking. Could you take it even further?

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