Paper Source is in Town!

ATTENTION: A new Paper Source store has opened right in the heart of La Jolla! As a stationary/scrapbooking junkie myself, the thought of a store full of patterned paper, ribbons, crafts, card-making materials, and etc. makes me extremely excited. I’m not exactly sure when this location was open but the point is, its open now! Its located right on the corner of Nobel and La Jolla Village Drive.


They have a wide variety of paper, stickers, ribbons, gift-wrapping materials, arts and craft projects, fun gifts and presents, books and cards, stationary and card-making tools, stamps, and etc. Everything is so colorful, its great!


I know one thing Paper Source is really well-known for is their customized cards! In almost every store there is a whole wall stocked with just colored paper, card stock, envelopes,  and etc. so that you can mix and match the different colors to go along with the theme of whatever event or wedding that you are planning for. They have really neat ideas for envelope liners and even stamps for printing. You can get especially creative with your cards according to the type of occasion (birthday, thank-you, graduation,etc.). They also have amazing designed/patterned paper! They can be used for scrapbooking, card making, gift-wrapping, or essentially anything. They have books and books of examples of certain crafts and cards that they’ve made so go check it out!


I was stopping by CVS to pick up a customized photo book that I had put together for my boyfriend’s birthday and decided to go into Paper Source (which is 2-3 stores away from CVS) and ended up walking out with really cute birthday wrapping paper and some ribbon.


The prices are relatively decent and for all you UCSD students, its only a few shuttles away! The employees at Paper Source are all so nice and willing to help with whatever project you are working on. Therefore, check it out when you have time and if you would like to visit their website, go ahead and click the links that I’ve provided throughout this post.

Look out for some neat cards that I plan to make for Mother’s Day and Graduation! Also, thank you to my new followers and everyone else for all your views and positive feedback!


One thought on “Paper Source is in Town!

  1. This entry shows both your writing and your photography skills in an enthusiastic plug for the store that will likely appeal to local crafters. Of course, as a journalist, you might want to offer a little more objectivity and present some of the pros and cons of the stores selection and service.

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