It’s that time of the year…GRADUATIONS!

Whenever it hits the end of May and into June, I always think “Its that time of the year… GRADUATIONS!  Therefore, for us graduating seniors, we must send out those invitations so that loved ones can join in and celebrate with us. Today I will be going through some easy and simple steps to make graduation invitations. Fortunately, I was able to visit my friend Brittany this past weekend and got to help her make her invitations.


Here are the materials that we used:

1. Photos – Brittany was able to get pictures (4×6) taken especially for her invitations, so she picked out a few that she wanted to use.

2. Pre-folded colored cards – we bought these at Paper Source and chose the color turquoise/mint. The size was A6 (4 1/2 x 6 1/2).

3. Envelopes – We also bought these at Paper Source and chose the tan color  to give it a little contrast from the turquoise/mint cards. These were the same size as the cards, A6.

4. Photo corners – To make sure the photos don’t look as if they were just pasted on the front, we decided to get some photo corners to give it a frame kind of look.

5. Bow stickers – These stickers are for the inside of the card and are from the Martha Stewert collection.

6. Vellum paper – We bought a pack of these vellum sheets to print the details of the invitation for the inside of the card.

7. Zots clear adhesive dots – These were really neat adhesive dot tapes that we used to stick the photos and vellum paper onto the card without much effort at all. Definitely recommend, saves you time!

8. White jeweled paper flowers – To add a finishing touch, we bought these jeweled paper flowers to add as the envelope sealers.


Although it took us a while to decide how we wanted to arrange all the materials, or even which materials to buy, we decided to go with a very simple look. You can definitely use different colors, envelopes, stickers, and etc. to create your own design. Here were the steps we took:

1. Stick the photo corners onto the photos and carefully press and hold them onto the folded cards.


Brittany had both portrait and landscape photos so we made sure to make the cards open accordingly from the side and below.

2. For the inside of the card, we decided to use the Zot adhesive dots to stick the second picture on one side and the vellum paper with the printed information on the other. I would say, the hardest part of the invitation was printing the details onto the vellum paper. It took us many trials and format/color changing to get it just the way we liked it. After deciding how to phrase or choose certain words, we printed out and cut the vellum paper into double sheets and stuck them onto the card. 


Then to finish up the inside of the card, we placed the Martha Stewert bow stickers onto the top middle section of the vellum paper to give it a hanging effect.

3. At this point, we were already almost done! To add the finishing touch, we added a White jeweled paper flower as the envelope sealers.

El fin! We might have chosen a simple design but simple seems to be the best way to go when you have more than 5 or 10 to make. Make sure to know the details of the graduation information beforehand so that you can format and print them out right away.

This template or design can essentially be used for any type of occasion, but in this case its just that time of the year! Hope you enjoyed this post and leave comments if you need help with making yours (or for any event). If you give me a budget, theme, and photos to use I can gladly check this off your to-do-list.

Congratulations to all my fellow graduating seniors, as well as graduate students! We’re done! Now go invite your friends and families and celebrate!


2 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year…GRADUATIONS!

  1. I love the photographs showing the sample graduation invitations. Although you seemed to be emphasizing inspiration rather than step-by-step execution in the images that illustrate your story, they work well with the subject matter and show how a few simple touches can bring more creativity and personality to this institutional and crowded event. This is also a nice example of a timely blog entry that makes readers feel that you cover current events on your blog.

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