bead, bend, and bow it!

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing article or accessory and thought “I wonder if I could make that?” Well, that is exactly how I got inspired to make today’s project.  I once saw the Tiffany’s bow pendant necklace on someone at the mall and decided to replicate it and add my own twist by creating it with a much larger pendant and longer chain. This one might be a little tough for those who are not as familiar with jewelry making but it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try. It’s easier than you think, so follow along!


The materials were all bought at Michael’s and Joann’s Craft Store:


1. The top left corner is a pack of 14k gold plated chain for the necklace part of this project.

2. The top right shows the small glass gold beads that I used. I chose some small round ones with some thin cylindrical ones as well. The kind of beads you use are really up to you! You will also need some thin gold wire to bead the bow pendant.

3. The left corner shows a few tools that came with my jewelry making kit but you do not need all of them. I would recommend the tweezers and pliers but the mini foam mat (for the beads to not roll around) and the bending ring are not necessary. The mini foam is, however, helpful when beading the wire so that you don’t lose any of your beads. You will need the pliers and tweezers to connect the chains to the pendant and clasps.

4. the fourth and final items are the 14k gold plated ring and clasp. These are important for putting the necklace on and off. They come in the same package that the chain does and are not too expensive at all. I believe both the chain and the clasps/rings were under $5 a pack.

Before we begin, I recommend that you set up on a table or flat surface. Since you are working with small materials (especially the beads) you will want to make sure that you don’t lose anything in the process. Make sure you are in good lighting as well.

1. The first step would be to unwrap the chain packet and cut the chain into two pieces. Since the chain is 18inches you will want to cut that in half with the pliers (or even some scissors). The material is soft enough where it will cut easily.

2. Once you’ve cut the chain into two pieces of equal length, go ahead and add a small ring and clasp on each end of the chains. You will need to leave one side of both the pieces to be attached onto the pendant.


Both the clasp and the small ring are easy to bend and can be done with the pliers as well. You might want to hold one part of the ring or clasp with tweezers while you open and close them onto the chain.

3. Now onto the pendant. You will need to cut about 12 inches of the thin gold wire and fold it in half so that it doubles. Now you should have about 6 inches to work with. Start by dropping one of the smaller beads into one side of the wire and twisting it so that it serves as the end of the ribbon. Then continue to bead the two different kinds of beads, alternating them one after the other. Again, the kinds of beads you choose and how you choose to pattern them are totally up to you!


4. Once you’ve beaded all 6 inches of the wire, you are now going to bend it into the shape of a bow. You will need to cross each end over towards the middle, making a loop for side as well. Once you loop both sides over, you will need a piece of the gold wire – maybe about 3-4 inches – and wrap the center to hold the middle of the bow together. After coiling it a couple of times you can either hide the end by sticking it into the middle or cut it off.


5. Once you’ve got the bow done, you will need to connect each loop of the bow onto small rings so that it can be connected to the chain. You will need to use your tweezers and pliers to open, hook, and close the bow onto the chain. Make sure to do it on both sides to complete the necklace.


After you’ve done that you can reshape the bow (as it tends to twist and bend due to the softness of the material) and wear it! It’s a very simple and cute piece of accessory and can be worn with almost anything from a casual outfit to school or with a more formal outfit to a special event!


Thanks for following along and hope you had some fun creating your own jewelry. Why pay tons of money when you can create it yourself at home? Although it can get a bit tedious and detail-oriented, I must say, it feels good to wear something that you’ve made on your own (also something that no one else might have).

I will be posting about some cute simple gold-chained bracelets I’ve made as well. They have almost exactly the same steps as this necklace, but is a bit easier and require less material. They definitely make a nice addition to the very popular gold watch & bracelet trend, so look out for that!

I will also be selling them to fundraise for my mission trip to Cambodia this summer so PLEASE either reply to this post or the facebook post to get more info and put your order in. I will make an official post about those soon but for now, thanks for reading and keep following!

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